Thursday, December 23, 2010

I think I have had my early Christmas gift this afternoon.......... when a mother deer came with her little one.  She was amongst five others and she's been here before to eat the cracked corn from our feeder at the bottom of the yard but after hearing that there is a cougar around town I was very worried about the little ones.  The little guy "hid" behind his mum and looked out from around her to see if I was safe to get closer to.  So funny ... he was peaking around the corner of his mum's behind looking at me .... Mum came closer and I was about a foot away from her face ..(wire fence separating us). I could see her beautiful big brown eyes and the eyelashes and the hair on her chin.  It was the closest we'd been and I'm always careful not to get too friendly with them because they are indeed wild animals and can be startled at any time. The fence was between us and there were no grumpy bucks around who seem to take over the whole scenario. The  back field was quiet and pretty in the afternoon sunshine on the snow and trees and I talked gently and softly to them all.   Seeing them standing on the beautiful snow and being so close today was indeed a special Christmas gift .. from God.

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