Monday, December 13, 2010

No internet modem is no fun.   For the past four days we've been without internet and have a new modem on order. Luckily today we found an old one and we're using that.  It was like being on a desert island with no contact with the outside world.  :-))    I am still waiting for my 6 days of yahoo group mail to come in and I think I'll be waiting for the rest of the afternoon.  We did manage to get to the library in town to do a few necessary things on internet and we're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be hooked up pretty soon on a new faster modem which is being delivered hopefully some day this week. 

We've had lots of snow ... lots of darkness it seems.....  and I have spent the weekend playing my Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper game which I love. I still have about 20 pages of walkthrough to finish ........ it is such a difficult game ...  Anyway I hope your christmas shopping is well under way ... and that all is on track for you to be having a super Christmas .....

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