Monday, December 13, 2010

There are so many pretty colours to decorate for Christmas.  I think red is my favourite but gold would have to be a close second.  Soft blue ... perhaps like my background here ..... as I look out my back window across the deck covered in beautiful white snow ... and onto the trees, ground, fences and beyond there seems to be a gorgeous mist of sunshine, sparkle and coldness one can only see up here in the northern hemisphere.  That's my favourite thing about being here .... the changing of the seasons when one can see the snow, or the autumn leaves.  Downunder in Australia, having lunch in the heat of a summer day is no way to spend Christmas.  We have our big Christmas meal at lunch time unlike here in Canada when its the evening meal.  And as you look out the window onto the trees covered in snow ... you wonder why does anyone need to decorate when its already so gorgeous.  Snowmen, and branches loaded down with the white stuff, fence posts looking like overloaded ice cream cones, windows with that frosted air that looks like you've sprayed the false stuff onto them.   I wish all my Aussies could at least spend one Christmas in the snow... I'm sure they would absolutely adore it.

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