Friday, December 17, 2010

We rang our telephone company this morning to see where our new internet modem is ....  its way overdue ... and they told us they had no record of  sending it out for us  .... so I'm mad as a hatter.  Just as well we have our old one otherwise we'd be without internet over Christmas because its now sure to take another 10 days  or so to get to us.   Incompetence it seems.. is getting more prevalent as I get older.  Companies never were like this.  Even things you purchase like toasters, kettles, hair dryers or anything you use on a regular basis seem to only last a few months or a year at best before you need to buy a new one.  Things just aren't made like they used to be.  My mum and dad back in Australia when I was a little girl had an old fridge which was as heavy and strong as could be.  It never stopped working and even after 25 years or so it was still going strong. 

Not these days.  Cars bend like a crumpled piece of paper - if you have an accident your car more than likely will get crushed unlike the old ones which were really built like tanks.  I guess its a sign of the times. Using cheaper materials, things always being made overseas... jobs going overseas... faulty everything.  It's definitely a throw away society...  nobody mends socks anymore,  socks aren't even made strong enough to last a decent length of time so they need repairing.  We are filling the earth with stuff .... And what about all that pretty christmas paper.  Who saves that nowadays.  Sad really .... 

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