Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year ...
1.1.11   Good day to get married because your hubby would never forget your anniversary.
Same goes for 11.1.11.... I guess when it appears.   I was married first time on 7.1.71...  7th of January 1971. This time when I got married in Canada it inadvertently ended up being on April 1st.  It was funny when we realised what Thursday of that week we had arranged date was ( April 1st.)  We had a very quiet New Years Eve till around 11.30 when I heard shots being fired. I can tell the difference between someone shooting and fireworks so I was distressed thinking that perhaps they were shooting my beautiful deer which I hadn't seen for the past week.  Then fireworks began and I hoped that all the animals would head for the hills .. being scared .. they would not have got killed.    I fed the birds this morning and found lots of deer foot prints so I guess they came when everything had calmed down .... still in the darkness of early morning .... I'll have to put their food out before I go to bed and hope that its only them that get it.  

Beautiful sunshine here on the snow in the woods of British Columbia.  Bears are sleeping and everything else is out looking for lunch.  *s       A lovely day indeed for the start of a brand new year. 

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