Friday, January 21, 2011

Having my breakfast this morning I got to thinking about how breakfast cereals haven't changed one bit over the years. Perhaps a few decades and we're still getting them in plain old plastic bags in even plainer cardboard boxes.  Why don't they have zip lock tops on the plastic bags to keep the cereal fresh... or why aren't they designing a better box.  I guess they think everyone puts their cereals into plastic containers like Tupperware boxes etc. 

With all the snazzy food presentations in packets, jars, boxes, plastic containers from  yogurts to cookies one would think the cereal people would at least give us a decent box....I guess they worry all about whats on the box ... attractive to kids.   Goodness knows we pay enough for these cereals. They must be making fortunes from them.  The boxes too have got smaller .... in height and width.   I find it a real pain in the bum to keep the top of the opened plastic bag inside the box closed for freshness.  Perhaps I might have to invest in a few containers to put them all into. 

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