Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sad sights on the news about the Australian floods. I cried this morning when I saw the horses trying to swim to safety ...  four of them level with the roof of a house and they had no way of getting up on top ... whether they were rescued or washed away I do not know.  Heartbreaking scenes of so many homes flooded and devastation.  Last week it was the same only a little less and at that time the floods had covered more area than the size of Germany and France.  How can that be !!!!  A few days ago they said it was more than the size of our British Columbia.  And that is one huge province.  I feel so sad and distressed for my country ... please keep the people and the animals in your prayers.  One person said they had seen sharks swimming up the main streets of the city of Brisbane....  and of course there are crocodiles and snakes too ...  it's a huge disaster.

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