Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sundays seem to be the days when I want to just snuggle up under a quilt in my favourite chair and watch the telly.  Nice cup of tea and some cake .... how could it get any better than that.  When outside is about minus 20 and things are popping and banging with the ice doing weird things ... expanding and contracting ...  I have no incentive to be out there when the hair in your nostrils starts to freeze and you find it hard to breathe.   Sundays too, seem to be the telly days when lots of my favourite programs are on like Desperate Housewives, Masterpiece Mysteries, an English show I like called Born and Bred about two country doctors .... I wish they wouldn't all be on the same night.  Oh well....  :-)   It's nice to have things to watch and it's nicer still not to have to go out into that freezing weather.

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