Monday, January 24, 2011

wow... I've been working on my website pretties revamping a whole bunch of them and my right hand is now so sore. I wish I could crop, chop, paste, add borders, all the things I need to do ... with my other hand ... but that's a completely impossible idea.  I think I'll just go watch an old Turner Classic Movie and make myself a nice hot cup of tea and invade the cookie jar.  :-)    I can't bear to watch the news anymore because the flooding in Australia is going from bad to worse. When will it ever end for them.  I keep everyone in my prayers ...  at least we have milder temperatures here this week in the woods of Canada.  The sun has been shining over the weekend and melting a little bit of our ice.... but this morning it was all foggy and spooky and as I looked out the back window into the field... the trees were engulfed in a misty environment. It reminded me of a Sherlock Holmes mystery where I half expected to see one of those wonderful black horse drawn carriages come roaring out of the mist.   Could hardly see five feet in front of me....  

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