Friday, February 25, 2011

Donald trump it seems, is going to take a run at being President of the United States.  And he's prepared to spend 200 milliion dollars of his own money to do so.   Gosh I hate it when all these people have so much money that they can "buy" their way into power.  I don't mind the old Donald. He seems to know what he's doing when he's heading his own money making endeavours but it doesn't seem fair that the ordinary person who does not have that much money to spend ... really will never have a chance up against those millionaires who can pay for as many television ads as they want ... or election campaigns.   All the money Meg Whitman spent on her California campaign just recently didn't help her though.  I think it was about $150 million of her own money.  Yikes.  I don't get it.  When you have that much money isn't there something else in life that you would prefer to be doing than political aspirations.

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