Sunday, February 6, 2011

I can't believe this. In this day and age with Google Earth and all the internet and research and maps etc at their fingertips... American CNN and Britians Daily Mail have "rearranged" Australia to suit themselves. 

US media giant CNN's reporting of Cyclone Yasi blew Queensland off the map, when it depicted the weather-ravaged state as being in Tasmania.  Yikes ... Tassie hasn't got enough room to be Queensland.  And British press  added another state by splitting the real Queensland in half and calling it Capricornia.   The international news breaker was roundly mocked around the world, when its map of Australia on a news bulletin pointed to Queensland being several thousand kilometres south in a bulletin last week.
Britain's Daily Mail also redrew Australia's State boundaries last week, splitting Queensland in half and adding a seventh state, Capricornia.  wow ... I wonder who they have working for them....  preschoolers perhaps....  *(s)

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