Thursday, February 17, 2011

It looks like the purchase of a Kindle for me has been put on hold...*(s)  I have hungry little deer coming for food and we needed to buy some more cracked corn for them and some barley and rolled oats. They sure are beautiful when they come to visit and its been happening on a daily basis since the snow has deepened and the temperature has plummeted.  One little guy this morning was outside the gate when I told him to be patient till I opened the shed door and got the food out into the big jugs .... he obviously was very hungry because when I turned around he was standing right behind me.

I've been looking up information about the Kindle from Amazon and I really do want one.  It would be great to have the font I like and the size of the writing easier for me to read.  And not only that you can tell it to read to you which would be fantastic when the old eyes get sore and blurry from the diabetes I have.   They have pretty "skins" you can purchase to cover the Kindle ... and lovely all coloured cases to keep them safe in ones bag.  Oh well.... maybe when the Spring comes and my deer no longer need food I'll be able to get one for myself.   I would much prefer to have some food for them ................

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