Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots of deer came today to visit me. Perhaps they knew it was Valentine's Day and they wanted to say they loved me for feeding them... *(s).   Who knows what they really think.  I do know that they are such beautiful little creatures and that they wait patiently for me to go to the shed and get out the food for them.  Today we had a squirrel in the feeder as well helping himself to all that he could stash in his little white belly and also take away with him. Sometimes I think I should put up a sign .... Jana's TakeAway ... something like that because they all sure do stand in line and wait for this old Aussie lady to help fill up their bellies in the long cold winter months.  Soon though it will be spring. The days are lengthening and our snow melts a little some days and other days it gets more but when the sun shines and the little birds chirp their songs it really does feel like spring is on the way. 

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