Wednesday, February 2, 2011

News today is that Chelsea Clinton wants a divorce .. after only 6 months of marriage. It seems the husband .. who had a top notch job in Washington has now fled to one of the skiing places and has a job as a ski bum...whatever that is.   Then there is Suzanne Somer's disasterous plastic surgery .......yikes ... why do they do this to themselves.  Google it .. photos of Suzanne Somers to see the once pretty face of the star of Three's Company ....  she's scarey now.   Busy day today around here .. doing all sorts of things :-) ...  I'll be glad to get to bed. I googled the Kindle ... would luv one of those ... they even have very snazzy and pretty cases to put them in ......  I looked them up after the books I ordered online from our libary were unavailable ...darn it.... now I have to find some more to order from the library.

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