Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Often in the summer one of our favourite visitors to our bird feeders are woodpeckers. I hadn't seen one till I came to Canada and I think they are so pretty.  I've heard their pecking noise echo throughout the wooded area behind our little home.  And I've seen them pecking on the trees on my way over to the library.  And last week we saw a whole bunch of phone company repair workers in trucks all along the highway through town.   Our newspaper this morning .. says "Telus works to repair woodpecker damage." 

"Telus crews were replacing six kilometres of cable last week due to damage done by resident woodpeckers. For some reason they seem attracted to the cable.  The new cable, with a price tag of $130,000 is double-armoured so they shouldn't have this problem in the future.  Telus had been receiving some complaints of static in the phone lines as well as degraded high speed internet connections, which they expect this repair to clear up. " 

God love them.. I think that is so funny.  Woodpeckers pecking on the phone lines. Not the phone poles. The holes hold water hence the damage. No wonder we thought our high speed connection was slower than it should be.....

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