Friday, March 18, 2011

Does anyone do repairs anymore. We certainly are a throw-a-way society whether its our broken computers, clothes, cars, furniture etc.  I can remember when I was a little girl and mum would save all the brown paper bags .. and brown paper from parcels etc. She would often use it to iron on if the garment had an oily stain on it.  The brown paper soaked it up and away it went.   She'd also save all the glass jars so we could put our home made jam in them. 

Saved pieces of string would be rolled into a ball, buttons from clothes would be cut off and put into a box.  Socks would be darned, curtains fabric would be used to make cushion covers ... soap bits would be melted down and made into another bar of soap..... 

There was hardly anything thrown away ... gift wrapping paper was saved.... I guess it was an early version of recycling.   But back then in the 50's and 60's we had no supermarkets or specialty stores ... it was a little corner store where we bought our biscuits in one or two pound lots and they were placed in a brown paper bag.  No fancy packets like we see now.  And I can remember we didn't even have shampoo ... I used a bar of soap in the bath to wash my hair and there certainly were no hairdryers.  Bending down in front of the open fire was the only way I could dry my hair for school next day. We would listen to the "wireless" ... before we had television.  Good heavens... it was 50 years ago .. where has that time gone to.

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