Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gosh   the news is so depressing. Japan having a nuclear meltdown and then there's Gaddafi and Libya.  I don't understand how the USA can possibly even contemplate arming the rebels who are trying to overthrow Gaddafi.  They have no clue who these rebels are and for all they know they could be taliban fighters or anyone who wants to kill American soldiers.  It all seems ludicrous..... Gaddafi has been in power for over forty years and doing the same things as he's accused of doing now.  I don't like the guy but it makes you wonder why they choose now to take a stand with Libya when they have ignored the atrocities in other countries and also what he's been doing for nearly half a century. 

Good news for me is that my Kindle from Amazon is on its way. I received its pretty pink cover today and that had to come from Hawaii.  It's all so very clever I think that we can get things from so far away.  Hawaii is half way to my home in Australia and its sort of humbling to think that it came all this way just for me.  My Kindle should arrive sometime this week as you can track its transit activity on line and mine is down near Vancouver at present.  Yikes .. I am going to love it.  I can't wait ....  changing the font size is the biggest thing for me ... and I am going to love the option of having the book read to me if I want to do that.  They sure are clever little devices.  I'll soon be able to sit in the summer breezes out on my deck and enjoy my vintage era mystery books....sipping tea of course at the same time.

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