Monday, March 21, 2011

I love this image.  Perhaps they are in love... perhaps they are just enjoying the warm sunshine..
perhaps she smells something nice on the horizon.  She looks like she's enjoying the smells of
freshly cooked muffins, or chocolate cake.....  I love the whiskers, and the patterns on the nose area...and of course the hair on the chin.  I could stand for hours and just watch the little deer that come to visit us here in the woods... they too have hair on their chins and gorgeous long eyelashes.  As I pour the corn into the feeder and the little one comes close I can just reach out my finger and touch his nose.   This morning big old grumpy guy with big antlers (who I adore) ... came to see what he could find to eat and as always... he chases the girls and smaller deer away so he can get everything.  He wasn't content this morning with just looking at them (although it was working because they were leaving his area) .. he decided he'd better stand up high a bit and plonk his front legs down on the ground in a gesture of authority.  He reminded me of a grumpy old grandpa who was tired of the young kids getting in the way and after telling them to go outside and play ... would leave his chair and pretend to chase them.   *(s)

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