Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My little deer came this morning in the bitter cold and snow. Their faces were like white masks with black eyes and a black nose.  Very spooky looking and the snow was falling heavily on their backs .. and on mine.. as I fed them.  One little guy turned up with icicles on his eyelashes. They were hanging down touching him on the nose almost and another one had small snowballs on his eyelashes.  It's been so cold.....  I can only stay out there for a few moments before my face starts to hurt ............. 

I had to move one of the bird feeders closer to the house so the crows wouldn't demolish every seed I put in their for the smaller birds. It's so difficult when one knows that everything is so hungry and cold but those crows just eat it all so quickly.  The chickadees were landing on my head whilst I was refilling the feeder.   I feel so bad for them all in this horrible cold.

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