Saturday, March 5, 2011

Next Tuesday ... 8th March .. will be the third year anniversary of the death of my dear, beloved Wilbur dog. He gave me love and friendship ... fun and joy.. every single day. I sure do miss him.... 

He loved nothing more than to play in his little plastic pool and probably remember how he used to be swimming at the beach back home in Australia.

We would spend many hours on the beach... he'd dig in the sand trying to get at the seaweed and the tide would come in and fill the hole up.  He'd do it all over again.... and again....  and again.   Or I'd turn over a rock on the beach and we'd find sand crabs .. which he'd bark at ferociously and back away from. Bless you sweetie... I wish you were still with me.   I have you close to my heart in the little gold locket I wear 24/7. How quickly those three years have gone by already.

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