Friday, March 25, 2011

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It's a real spring bonnet.... now that our northern spring has sprung we'll soon have grass to mow and flowers to plant and care for. I love it when my forget me nots start to spread and bloom.  They are so pretty.  Then I have some lilac bushes, lots of big white daisies and a few things I'm not sure what their name is.  An old friend gave them to me from her garden and they have flourished ... I have a feeling that they are some sort of lillies.  The deer this year didn't eat the bottoms of our tall trees out the front ... conifers ... because we wrapped them in burlap. Last year they ate a good portion of them and they were beginning to look like topiaries.  Or maybe I'm filling up the deer this year with plenty of corn and goodies that they don't need to eat my trees.  

This morning a big buck arrived as usual with his beautiful antlers ... I had a talk to him and fed him and he made sure the others were chased away so he could get all the food... then he returned in the afternoon and one of his antlers was missing.  I guess he would feel a bit lopsided.  Maybe I'll find it out in the field where they all wander ....

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