Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why does taking insulin make you gain weight.  It's so difficult for us diabetics to get it right.  I have researched it all so much and still don't have an answer.  I eat correctly, I exercise, I have cut down my calories dramatically yet I still gain those pounds.  I am getting truly frustrated with the whole process of trying to keep my glucose levels down.  And it's a huge task in the supermarket to actually find stuff that isn't loaded with hidden sugars.  If it doesn't have sugar  the package says "sugar free" ... only when you read the fine print does it say its sweetened by aspartame or those other artificial sweeteners.   Which are a million times worse than the real sugar.   As I plod around the supermarket looking at practically everything on the shelves in great detail ... reading labels .... everything seems to be filled with carbohydrates or sugars.  Even the old ketchup has one teaspoon of sugar in a tablespoon of it. Urgh!     It's not fair.  Manufacturers should stop filling up our food with sugars ... it's killing us.

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