Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday I ordered my Kindle. I'm soooooooooo  looking forward to getting it. My eyesight is failing and with my Kindle I can increase the size of the font to any size I like ... plus there are thousands upon thousands of public domain books like Jane Austen which I can download free.  I think I'll be doing my "Sherlock Holmes" thing and finding all the ones I can written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and also by other people which actually surprised me. There are so many of them by other authors who are using Sherlock and Dr. Watson as their main characters so I guess they got copyright approval from the estate of Sir Arthur.  Great fun, and I know all those wonderful stories will help fill in the long winter days up here in the Canadian wilderness.  

My deer have been here lots this week... they think I'm a drive in take away place .. *(s) ... they line up at the fence like they are waiting for hamburgers and fries.  They got spoiled today when we got more whole corn which they crunch up ...  when the 14 or so of them get munching and crunching it sounds like a fireworks factory.  I guess it tastes like candy and something they would never get in the wilderness unless they raid someone's barn or field.   I will miss them when soon they will be heading for the hills .... when the Spring and Summer come .... and the lovely sweet green grass and buds on trees, leaves and cool refreshing water flowing instead of having to have mouthfuls of snow.  

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