Thursday, April 28, 2011

Complete devastation this morning in the lower USA states.  In the month of April they have had over 600 tornadoes.  Thousands injured and hundreds (so far) have been killed.  I can't believe the images I'm seeing on the telly.   Keep the people in your prayers.  Beautiful homes destroyed, schools, whole towns, gone. Millions without power, water and other amenities.  One can only imagine the noise of these things ...    When I see damage and injuries like this it makes me wonder how politicians.. especially Obama .. who recently said he is expecting to raise one billion dollars... (that's B for billion) for his campaign.  Can you imagine that ... what an obscene waste of money just to get himself elected again... when all that money could go to helping these people with new homes etc.   It all seems backwards to me...   they help out foreign countries to the tune of billions of dollars when its the USA that needs the help now and always.

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