Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy days ....   got a new dishwasher today. At long last.  Even though we wash up the dishes several times a day I absolutely hated having dishes in the sink no matter how few there were. Now I can get back to having the washer hold them till evening and wash them all at once.  Gosh we take these clever devices for granted. Stuff we use every day ....  Plumber coming in the morning to not only install the dishwasher but to fix our leaky kitchen tap.  

Deer came today ... I sure do love seeing them. On our trip north to get the dishwasher there were deer on the side of the road.  A herd of them were standing up on a little embankment above the highway and I hated the thought that they might try to cross in the traffic. 

One further along the highway came right down and was nearly treading on the road when he saw the vehicles and stopped thank goodness.  I couldn't look on the way home just in case he got hit by a vehicle. There were several coming on his side of the road as we continued our journey. 

We've got rainy, crappy weather.  Looks like our spring/summer has come to a standstill and winter is having a last fling.  There was so much snow on the gorgeous mountains. Don't forget I love to get feedback from my blog ... so drop me a few words in the comment section if you have time.    I have been enjoying my Kindle immensely.   It's wonderful.  But I noticed yesterday they came out with a cheaper version if you want to put up with having advertisements on it when you put it in sleep mode or when you turn it on.  They actually didn't look too bad ... but for just $25 cheaper than the version I got I think I'd pay the extra and not have the ads.   But they do offer lots of special offers and bargains with it so  if you are wanting a Kindle now might be the time to buy one.

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