Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have you got the teapot ready and some fancy cups and saucers so you can enjoy the Royal Wedding soon.  I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake to watch it but it sure will be replayed over and over "till the cows come home" ... I'm sure of that.  It might be the thing to do up here in the woods... watch the telly ... because with snow coming down today there's not a lot else to actually do.  The deer must be wondering what the heck is going on and the mum bears must be ready to take their little ones back inside their hibernation area. 

I watched a show last night about grizzly bears in Yellowstone Park and the bears were actually falling asleep because it was time to hibernate. I thought they would just go inside their hideout and sleep then but they had followed these guys for a couple of years and it was funny to watch them sitting on the grass falling asleep waiting for the time to hibernate.  It was way past their "bedtime".   I sure wish I could sleep all winter and wake up half as skinny.  The fun would be in the eating before hibernation. I could wolf down heaps of chocolates, cookies, cakes and all that delicious stuff I can't have .. then wake up five months later all thin and rested and ready to wolf down some more.   LOL....

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