Thursday, April 21, 2011

I hope you all have a happy Easter.  Gosh the months go by so quickly and then the years pass us by before we even know it. Already its been one year since the disastrous oil spill in the gulf and I wonder if any of the wildlife and fish etc have recovered at all from the consequences.  

And then there is Kate and William's royal wedding next week.  Are you going to be watching.  I remember sitting up with some friends watching Diana and Charles's wedding ... and thinking what a shame it was when she emerged from that glass carriage that her beautiful dress was all wrinkled up and creased. It really didn't look good at all.  Now I heard the other day that they had not prepared for the dress to be all crumpled up in the carriage.  Well what did they expect ... after all the train on the dress was 28 feet long.   Kate's is not expected to be that long.  She seems a nice girl.. so I'm wishing them happiness and joy.  She sure is losing weight and is so very thin.  Might be another Diana with an eating disorder.  Oh well... I guess we shall just have to wait and see but the royal family doesn't have a very good record when it comes to marriages and divorces.

One thing I did enjoy that dealt with royalty this week was the movie "The King's Speech". It was really nice so if you get a chance to watch it I'm sure you will enjoy it.  He was Elizabeth and Margaret's father and he could not speak in public (or private) without stuttering.   There was also Wallace Simpson who stole his brother's heart and when he abdicated from the throne it became his job to take over as the King.  So he had to try and get his stuttering cured.  Makes you wonder what they have to deal with...... whether they enjoy it or not it's their duty .....   I'm mighty glad I'm not from royal stock.  It wouldn't be the life for me....

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