Saturday, April 16, 2011

I took a photo for you all ....  to show you the pretty chandelier I got at a garage sale last summer for just $10.  I have shown it before but we'd not had it installed.... so now its up and looking great.  I love the brightness too if we need a decent light ... or else just turn down the dimmer switch for something soft and sweet.  Our little home is very modest but it's cozy and warm, and very comfortable.  I try to decorate it like the house I had in Australia with lots of white and in a shabby chic mode.    

Heavens ... we woke up this morning in our little northern town in British Columbia to a foot or more of snow.  I took a photo of that as well.   It was so funny.  I looked out and saw my deck furniture covered completely... and I'm guessing the little deer will be returning today in a whole herd because there is nowhere to find food when the conditions are like this.  Mid April ... it should be nice sunny weather.  But hey!  I love the snow so it doesn't matter. It will soon be gone again (hopefully) and the lawn can get growing.  It's weird too that when you take a photo of snow it always comes out blue.   I haven't even put the glass top on my table yet .. and just as well.  And my bird feeders are completely covered over.  You can click on both the images here to see them larger.

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