Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's horrible when they turn off the water. We were notified yesterday that we'd not have any water for about 3 hours this morning but I still forgot and had to use the water from the kettle to clean my teeth, then I put my make up on and needed to wash my hands... luckily I found some of those travelling towellettes that make your hands clean .. they are wonderful.  I always use them after I come out of the supermarket from shopping.  A program I saw one day said shopping trolley's, or buggies or whatever you want to call the carts we use to pile our groceries in ... were  the dirtiest thing on the planet.  Anyway I had to go without my cup of tea this morning,  and couldn't flush the toilet.  Yikes .. !!  we take the water for granted.  I was so glad when it came back on. 

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