Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've spent most of the weekend downloading books from Amazon. I am loving my little Kindle.  I think half the fun is surfing Amazon and finding all the freebies you can download in 60 seconds. I think that is so clever.    I have 73 so far and I'll read every one of them.  Many authors have promotional things happening and for a limited time you can get a copy of their earlier books or one of them at least .... I guess it means if you enjoy the book and like the author then you can then purchase any others you like.  I think that is great. 

You get to sample the writing technique and story lines and one of my favourite things to read are books that have recurring characters in them like Anne Perry's married couple, or Victoria Thompson's midwife and detective....or M C Beaton's wonderful Agatha Raisin character who seems to always be solving murders in the English Cottswolds.    You open the book and its like you are visiting with old friends. I think that's a sure method of gaining fans and selling more of your books.    *********   Now all I need to do is the housework I've put off .... and reading my emails.  *******

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