Friday, April 8, 2011

A surprise bunch of visitors today ... six of the deer returned.  It was a surprise because the snow is melting and has formed sort of a miniature lake out in the field and they have to cross it to get to my yard.  A couple of them must have walked the long way around but four of the smaller guys braved the cracking and very noisey ice on the water to get to the corn.  I kept telling them it was safe and not very deep and they would be okay and the more I talked the further they ventured into the water.  Two of them took a huge leap where the water got a bit deeper .....  and the others were so scared and timid.   They all looked a bit bedraggled but I think that was mainly because they were wet up to their bellies ....  their fur was laid back and wet in strands and they did not look comfortable.  Poor little things .. they wanted to come into my yard so bad.  Eventually they got there and enjoyed the corn ..........   I thought by now they would be gone for good till winter begins again at the end of the year so it was a lovely surprise to see them so soon ...... *(s)

Another surprise yesterday in the field were Canadian geese.  They are wonderfully beautiful as they fly overhead making their noise and staying in the huge V shape flying through the sky.  But a whole bunch of them landed close to us for a short rest or perhaps to find some food in the newly showing grasses.  There were so many of them............  they are so pretty too and so clever to fly away for the winter and return again when the snow is melting.  I am not sure exactly where they go but I think its somewhere like Florida.  Canada geese usually start migrating south when the ground begins to freeze in the fall. The trip to the wintering grounds is a quick one—scientists have tracked geese that have flown up to 1,000 km in one day!

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