Friday, April 1, 2011

Yipee... my new Kindle arrived today.  I'm so excited to have it.  With failing eyesight it will be a god send because I am finding it more difficult each day to enjoy the books I read.  It arrived ...  and alas... my deer have departed.  Bless their big bright eyes ... they have headed for the hills now that the snow has melted quite a bit and they have grass to eat.  I ventured out in the field yesterday to see if there were any small rivers flowing yet from the melted snow but all I got was stuck .... because the snow was deceptively hard on top like a big fat crust but underneath it was soft like marshmallow so every step I took ... down I went and couldn't get myself out of it.  I had to crawl along the crust on my hands and knees as best I could .. which was no easy task when your hands go down into the depths of the snow and your chin ends up touching the ice.  I thought to myself good heavens if a wolf came along he could have me for dinner because I had no way of escaping.

Luckily I managed to get upright eventually so I could plod my way home gingerly without disappearing again into the snow.  No wonder my deer have gone... poor little darlings wouldn't have much hope of escaping the lighter predators like coyotes and wolves in packs if they ended up trapped like I was. The wolves can run on top but the moose and deer get trapped very easily.  I'm glad they have gone in a way because it means they aren't hungry and perhaps are snacking now in the sunshine.  I'll miss them for sure.... till next winter.

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