Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Be careful if you see any links on Facebook etc about the death of Bin Laden. It's all fake and will give your computer a virus.  It doesn't surprise me that the White House does not want to release photos .... I bet they keep them hidden or top secret and then release them closer to the election of a new president.  Obama is starting his campaign (did he ever stop from the last one) .... and I can see that they will use the image as a ploy to up his ratings when the time is right.  They have flip flopped so much on their decisions its quite unbelievable.  Anyway take care if you see a link... do not click on it.

Today we put in some new grass seed seeing that its raining gently and the time seemed right.  When along came next door's very pretty and cute big ginger rabbit.  He started digging in the soil and jumping around and rubbing his face on the rake.  He's so funny.  He's more like a dog than a rabbit.  I'm always surprised at what pops up in my yard.  One never knows what you'll find up here in the woods.

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