Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful photo.   I wish the little puppy was mine.  I'm sure the mother deer who regularly came to visit my yard has her own little fawn by now. She sure had a big belly when I last saw her gobbling up the corn.  It will look just like this one and did you know that baby deer are born with no scent ... the mother has to quickly devour all the afterbirth and any signs of having given birth ... so predators can't find them.  And the little one will not have any smell of his own till he's much older.  I'm glad that things are like that ... and I'm constantly amazed at what animals can do to protect themselves if even for a short time.  They all seem to have something special about them.    I hope the little fawn that will inevitably have been born here around us will live safely and be healthy. I wish mum would bring him or her to show me....   Now that would be wonderful.

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