Saturday, May 14, 2011

Can't believe the cats around us .... they are hiding out under our shed, or in the trees or behind whatever they can find so they can catch my little birds which come to the feeder.  As much as I love cats ... they sure are annoying when they lie in wait ... just to kill a little bird for  no other reason than for something to do. 

I think I'll have to start "lying in wait" as well and really give them what for.   I certainly wouldn't hurt them ... but a spurt from the hose might solve the problem.... or a water pistol maybe.  

My little squirrels will have to be careful as well.   The other day a big hawk flew over and the little squirrel out there flattened himself to the ground like someone had ironed over him.  He obviously knew what to do to save himself.  With little arms and legs out front and back and his chin down he was trying to make himself as less a target as possible.  He's so cute...  and him and his girlfriend are getting very spoiled by this old Aussie lady who had never seen a squirrel till she came to Canada. 

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