Friday, May 27, 2011

Flood evacuation alert for the town I live in.  We got notification to be ready to roll .....
There is so much water.  The snow hasn't even melted yet from up in the mountains, and its been raining for a few days.  The water has nowhere else to go.  The ground is soaked... it can't handle anymore.  The rivers are raging like freight trains with huge trees flowing as fast as  you can imagine.  They are piling up at the bridges and machinery is working 24 hrs day and night to keep it cleared.   How many days it will last is anyone's guess...  the train lines are about two inches from being underwater .... the bridges are being knocked around by the force of the timber and debris barrelling towards the concrete structures.   We are surrounded by rivers and they are all coming over the highway .....  Our cases are packed ...  :-(

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