Friday, May 20, 2011

The funny little ducks out in the field swimming around in the flooded area ... they know me now already and saw me this afternoon sitting down there admiring my rock path we have nearly finished.  The girl one I think is nesting but the boy one comes over regularly to the gate and quacks and lets me know he's hungry. He usually eats a whole slice of grainy bread .... his "wife" came with him this afternoon and they came running across the grass then into the water and their little legs paddled like there was no tomorrow.  I love ducks.  They remind me so much of little boats.  They even have a "wake" as they travel along in the water .... I"ll miss them when they leave which I guess will be when the water dries up. Already the pussy willows have their buds and there are lots of green leaves everywhere.  I think Spring has sprung at last.

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