Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our little town has helicopters going overhead today... road blocks, and all things to do with flooding.  Graders and machines are working in areas of low lying ground and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have a flood from the field behind us.  One nice thing about the water being there is that there are wild ducks and I have made friends with a very pretty mallard I think he is. He has a girlfriend and maybe she's sitting on eggs because she's not always with him but they certainly are a couple.He's very friendly and loves the bread I'm giving him twice a day. He had a whole slice this afternoon.   The high water is so devastating not only to people and their possessions but also to wildlife  They all seem to have so much to deal with in their short little lives......

Today too is the funeral of my dear friend Peggy from Tasmania. I certainly will miss her lovely, newsy letters which came on a regular basis.  That dreaded cancer will end up getting us all I think.  It's horrible and continues its rampage despite the decades since its been around.   Rest in Peace dear Peggy Rose... some roses for you in rememberance.   Loved you lots.

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