Thursday, May 26, 2011

Such sad stories coming out of the tornados this week ... the little boy who was ripped from his fathers vehicle through the sun roof was found dead today.  Another father lost his two was 3 years old and one was 18 months old.  The young man who had just graduated and was still wearing his cap and gown .. was also found dead after he vanished from the car him and his friend were in.  And one family had a beautiful 3 storey home.  They had a safe room where they huddled whilst the storm passed over their home and tore off the top floor.  They could not coax their dog to go into the small room and he was not around when they came out to see the destruction and devastation.  He was gone... but luckily later .. he was found 3 miles away by a truck driver and the family was reunited with him.   The stories are horrendous ... so much heartbreak.

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