Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well we woke up this morning to snow. Our spring and summer has disappeared pretty quick smart.  I made a mad dash to the deck to rescue my potted plants ... I now have a bathroom which looks like a conservatory.  What I can't believe is the size of the snow flakes  They are absolutely huge .. about the size of a small lemon. and its piling up very quickly.  It is the first time in my 12 years of living in Canada that I have seen snow on my potted plants.  Petunias with snow on them.....   they wouldn't last long in those conditions but hopefully I saved them in time and maybe tomorrow will be better.  If it wasn't for all the melted snow coming through our field at the back and making a small river ... I imagine the deer would return thinking that its time for more of that delicious corn I gave them all winter.   And what about the bears... they'll be thinking hey that was a short summer .. do I have to go to sleep again .... lol..... oh dear!   Spring come back ....   I loved my green grass ... so much for my gardening and making my rock pathway.  

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