Saturday, June 18, 2011

Imminent eye surgery ... not liking the thought of that at all.   But hopefully it will improve my vision and I can continue to design and create things for my blog, my website and my Etsy Shoppe.   Don't know what it would be like to not be able to see.  I think I would miss not seeing the deer or the animals the most.  Funny thing about my eye surgery I was thinking of the other day .... when I get good vision I'll probably look in the mirror and scream with fright at the wrinkles I've not been seeing.   Our voyage north to Alaska yesterday was a long one.  The town is below the southern part of Alaska and they have a Walmart there so that was a treat. I enjoyed looking at the crafts, the clothes, plants and shrubs, jewellery, and of course the make up section.  When you live in a small country town with hardly any shops at all... the Walmart definitely is wonderful.   And we have two more trips to make up there so I get to go shopping again.  Yeah!!!!

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