Thursday, June 9, 2011

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous... I love purple and I guess they are grape hyacinths .. taken in Holland I think. Beautiful, beautiful. Click to see the photo much larger.
I had a lady today ask about my Etsy Shoppe and if she purchased some of my things could she use them on her goodies she makes for cakes.  (on an edible printer of all things.)   I thought that was wonderful... and I could imagine someone nibbling on a cupcake that has the image of one of my little bears perhaps on top of it.  Edible ink on edible paper ... they put them on cakes....  Now that I think of it I have seen them in stores or made especially for maybe anniversaries etc where you see the photos of the happy couple... all sorts of ideas .... but that sure is one I hadn't thought of...  :-)

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