Monday, June 13, 2011

Our little visitor yesterday to the bird feeder ... mother squirrel ... came so quickly to get the sunflowers ... she was so hungry.  I stood beside the feeder just about a foot away from her and watched as she clipped the end of each seed and gobbled it up as fast as she could. Little hands holding it ...  I guess its hard work looking after and feeding a bunch of babies.  And the pair of ducks are still about even though the water in the field is drying up quickly.  I hope they get their babies out safely.  I liked having our own small lake in the field .. it came right up to the fence line and it sure was a busy place with all the wildlife and birds etc.  Lots of the birds have moved on ... they came and they conquered .... our feeders were being emptied on a daily basis.  They moved on to wherever it is they go to build their nests and produce their babies.  I guess they'll return to us like they did last year on the homeward journey.   I read somewhere that our Canadian geese fly down to Florida.  Good heavens they are so clever... 

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