Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two little girls with their dollies....  As I am searching around for vintage images to use in my Etsy Shoppe creations ....  and enjoying seeing all the young faces I came across the one at the top.   She's me....  :-)  I guess taken around 1953.    I remember my dolls name was Sally and I sure did love her.  Having no brothers or sisters it was the pets and the doll that kept me company.   At the time the photo was taken I was on a ferry ride from Hobart over to the eastern shore.  Tasmania.   I actually remember going on the ferry with mum and dad.  Don't know what happened to Sally.  She had a lovely little wooden framed bed which was painted blue .. I remember that as well.  I wonder where you are now dear Sally ... I'd like to think some little girl is taking care of you back home in Oz. 

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