Sunday, June 5, 2011

You can click on this pretty little lady and see her up closer and see what I'm talking about.  She has been coming to the feeder every single day but moreso lately. No wonder.  She is a new mum and you can clearly see the little nipples from feeding her young.  She is such a character and not scared of me at all .. especially when I am standing up so close to her I can just about touch her.   She loves the sunflower seeds and I took a video of her this morning as she diligently and very smartly .. picked up a sunflower seed, nipped the top off one end and had it undone like a banana in no more than 1 second.  It was gobbled up so fast.   I imagine when she's got the babies up and running she'll be bringing them to visit me too.   Can't wait.  I also had mother duck come for some food. I guess the old guy is sitting on the eggs whilst she takes a few moments breakfast break.  

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