Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally summer seems to have arrived up here in the woods.  The mosquitos are out and about in plentiful supply which always makes me feel sorry for the animals who have no escape from them other than to jump into the nearest river, lake or stream.  On our bike ride this evening we saw a wonderful sight.  A mother deer crossing the little back street from the wooded area into another field and running like the wind behind her was a little fawn.  He or she was following mum as fast as possible.  They were not in any danger but I did say a prayer as I continued on my bike ride that they would not venture too much further in that direction because the train line was getting very close.  I worry all the time that they will be killed.  An astounding 25,000 animals are killed on railways, and roads each year across Canada. At that figure I wonder if there is any left ..........  so sad ......   I guess that includes foxes .. one of which we saw close to the road ... also deer, moose, wolves, coyotes, lynx, skunks and every other big or small creature that inhabits the woods.  I sure do love seeing them and now have three little squirrels arguing daily about who is going to get the sunflower seeds before the birds do.  

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