Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gosh some days I forget to sign in here and leave you a blog post.  With my eye surgery, my new old dog, and my grand daughter here its been a bit hectic lately.  I sure do love seeing better. Everything sparkles especially the chandelier over my kitchen table which I picked up last year at a garage sale.  I'd never seen it before with so much light glistening on the drops and the gold parts were shiny and new looking.  Even the sun coming in through my lace curtains look prettier.    The fog has been lifted.... the brightness has arrived and the depth of colour and clarity is spectacular. I made sure I gave my doctor a hug before I left him the day after my surgery and told him how clever he was and how much I appreciated him.  I think he was a bit shocked ...  Sadly I don't think enough people express their gratitude as they should. 

My lovely new "old dog" is settling in and making himself completely at home.  If I don't get up and dressed quickly enough he's barking at me to get a move on so we can go walking.  If nothing else I might end up a bit fitter. He is much better at it than I am... we are a good pair at times with aching bones and creaking knees.  He's absolutely beautiful and a joy to care for. I hope I can give him some quality and fun and love and warmth in the years he has left.  We never know what is around the corner in our lives .. the years go by so darn quickly lately I just can't keep up. 

I love comments as the little image says so drop me a line as I'd love to hear from you and let me know if you enjoy my blog ....  somewhere I saw on the news that blogger viewership had been dropping along with so many other once busy websites ...  I guess more people are Facebooking or Twittering than reading blogs these days.

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