Monday, August 8, 2011

Home at last. My  2 week vacation down south to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and also to Kamloops and Langley went very quick. We had heaps of fun with children and grandchildren and the greatgrandpa and greatgrandma ...  wonderful trip on a huge ferry .... watched a movie at the cinema which is quite a treat for us as we don't have a movie theatre in our little country town.   Lots of yummy yummy yummy things to eat like Baskin and Robbins ice cream......  to die for.....  I had a double scoop ... one was pineapple and coconut, and the other was rocky road.. in a sugar cone that was coated in chopped up reese's pieces.. those delicious candy bars that are chocolate and peanut butter.

Bought lots of pretty things at the Michaels craft store.. got some new shoes at the Walmart, and played in the pool with the grand children.  Of course of course of course... very important person to see was my beautiful grand dog Chewie.  I think I spoiled him and I'm sure this morning when he woke up he'd be looking in my bedroom to see if his grandma was there.  He snored, he wriggled and we laughed and had fun. 

It's always good to get home again.  But it seems like we've been away for ages. I didn't even remember how to do some things on my Etsy shoppe settings ... but I guess it won't take long to all come back to me.  We came home to wonderful sunshine ... and a lawn knee deep.   I'll be sharing some pretties for you soon ...

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