Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well the old pot plants have bitten the completely water logged with all the rain before I went on holiday and now they have pretty much had it. Oh well.  At least its nice to see the lovely green grass around us and thank goodness there are no forest fires.  Lawns have been mowed, weeds have been whacked, birds and squirrels have been fed and I guess all is well with my little world up here in the woods.

Sadly the mayhem in London with the rioting is absolutely terrible....   I've not watched a lot of the world news when I was away and that's been a good thing because so much of it is devastating and sad.  I also have had a good rest for my right arm which has carpal tunnel syndrome .. or Repetitive Strain Injury as we call it in Australia ... now I have my eye operation ahead of me next week and as much as I'm scared stiff about it I really am looking forward to seeing better and perhaps getting my driving licence back.  Our cute little white Jeep is so nice and I would love to be driving it so I'll have to get studying the rules again and when I pass my eye test I'll be ready to roll and tryout for the licence.

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