Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heard on the news this morning that Fall begins next week.   Where did our summer go to.  Ours was practically non existent this year ... perhaps not a good sign for the long winter to come.  My deer will be returning sooner than later I think.    I will miss sitting on the deck listening to the birds .,.. but I guess I didn't do much of that this year either in between all the rain we were having.  No wonder there are zillions of beautiful trees here in British Columbia.  They sure get plenty of water... and they are packed in so thick as you drive past on the highways or venture into the woods that its so dark in there you'd never see a black bear if he was looking at you face to face.  Anyway I guess all that crummy summer gave me time to open my Etsy Shoppe and make some very pretty things for everyone and its proving a popular venture.  I'm surprised at what the ladies want to do with my images.  Ideas I'd never thought of.  They like them and so do I...  :-)

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